Attainable Housing Should Be For Everyone

Attainable Housing Development Society focuses on assisting organizations with funding, development & delivery of middle-income housing in the areas that need it the most in BC and beyond!

Who We Are

Attainable Housing Development Society is a no-profit charitable organization with a purpose of “Filling the Gap”, of the missing middle-income housing, essential to communities and sustainability. We work with other nonprofits, Service Organizations, Community Housing Sectors, Businesses, First Nations, all levels of Government, Crown agencies and private Developers to make a sustainable long-term contribution, providing housing that is within reach of middle-income households.

The Gap


Average Home Price in BC (2023)


Median After-Tax Family


Of BC spent more than 50% of their income on housing

Let’s Build Something Together

According to the BC Government, British Columbians are spending more than half of their household income on housing, which pushes people out of their communities and also contributes to our labour shortage.

Let’s work together to make a positive impact and sustainable contribution to the long term survival of our communities.

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We can help from your Vision, to Concept through Construction and Beyond

Who We Work With

AHDS works collaboratively with community housing sectors, service organizations, other non-profit societies, municipalities and government, We are currently working with employers to assist with the need of workforce housing.

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In BC, not-for-profit charitable organizations are also know a societies. Societies do not earn any profit for its members. All money is donated to the organizations cause or goal.

Let us help you, to bring your project to life

AHDS specializes in capitalization of projects. We help affordable housing providers access the capital they need. Our services offered are based upon your specific needs. We can guide and assist you with parts of your project or the project lifecycle – from or your initial vision and concept development to construction and completion.

Our Current Projects

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