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AHDS Is Helping to Make A Difference: “Filling the Gap”

Welcome to AHDS, your trusted ally in affordable housing and development solutions.  Our team is comprised of experienced and dedicated professionals with nearly a century of combined knowledge and background in the housing and development industry.  We pride ourselves on understanding what works and what doesn’t, leveraging our expertise to drive positive outcomes for our clients and communities.

As active leaders in the affordable housing development continuum, we bring a comprehensive range of skills to the table, from project pre-development planning to economic development, grant and proposal writing to project and business development, we cover every aspect of the project development process with precision sand efficiency. We can help you open doors in many ways.

What sets us apart is our commitment to making things happen.  Our shared vision, extensive experience, and specialized training, enables us to navigate challenges, seize opportunities and deliver results that exceed expectation.  Whether you’re looking to embark on a new housing project, a retrofit project, to secure funding, or enhance community development initiatives, AHDS is here to help you, every step of the way.

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Our Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors is a high functioning team of local professionals who are respected, experienced, and deeply dedicated to AHDS’s mission and goals.  Each member brings a unique set of skills and expertise to the table ensuring that key decisions are made to address our society’s critical needs.

We are privileged to include a Commercial Banker: with a wealth of financial knowledge, bringing strategic insights into capital management and investment strategies, a RCMP District Commander: who provides invaluable perspectives on community safety and engagement, contributing to our holistic approach to development, Lawyer: his legal expertise is paramount in our operations, ensuring that AHDS operates within regulatory frameworks, Accountant: her financial acumen and attention to detail ensure transparency and accountability in our financial endeavors.

Together, our Board’s unparalleled attention is driven by a shared commitment to steering AHDS in the best possible direction aligning with our vision and mission to create vibrant and inclusive relationship and communities.

Our Team

The AHDS team is staffed by a team of experienced dedicated professionals with nearly 100 years of knowledge and background in the housing and development industry, they understand what works and what doesn’t. Our team members are passionate about making a positive impact and a sustainable contribution to the long-term survival of communities.

Bill Miller

CEO Project Development

Bill is an active leader in the affordable housing development continuum. His background and training are specially geared to make thing happen.  As an EDFP (Economic Financial Development Professional), PMP (Project Management Professional), NCSO (National Construction Safety Officer, and BCCSS (British Columbia Construction Safety Specialist).

Bill also has a background in Community Planning & Building Inspection and has built the capacity to recognize and translate development opportunities into results for numerous communities, non-profit organizations, and First Nations members, making a difference in Canada, and the United States.

Shelly NeVille

Executive Director

Shelly is a dynamic accomplished business professional, with over 35 years experience in Business Management, Project Management, Capacity Building and Proposal Writing.

Shelly is also a registered Immigration Practitioner certified with ICCRC. Her diverse education and background are further enhanced by a legal framework, combined with the BC Government, Court Services, in the Construction Industry and has worked extensively with First Nations.

Shelly fell in love with non-profit organizations many years ago during her tenure at Legal Services. Shelly brings well rounded and unique blend of attributes and expertise to effectively build stronger relationships and to make a difference in peoples lives.

Lisa Clements

CFO/Project Development & Operations Manager

Lisa is responsible for managing all things financial. You will often find Lisa tucked away, busy overseeing the budget and financial strategies for the organization.

Lisa’s many duties include tracking project and operational cash flows, assisting the CEO & Executive Director in financial planning. Lisa’s responsibilities include internal reporting to the Board of Directors and external financial reporting as well as stewardship of the organization’s assets. Her role is also forward looking and expanding to incorporate strategy and develop business partnerships.

Lisa brings 9 years of experience to the organization. She is a local business owner and has a history of strategic financial planning.

Manisha Sehgal

Executive Administrator

Manisha is new to our community, moving to Canada to pursue further studies in Business and Project Administration. Manisha has quickly developed a deep passion for charitable work, and she is excited to contribute her exceptional organizational skillset, Information & Communication Technology expertise, extensive lecture and teaching background as well as experience in program management and successful raffle administration.

Manisha enjoys giving back to her community and being apart Attainable Housing Development Society.

Jim Akeson

Information Technology

We are pleased have Jim on our team at Attainable Housing. Jim has extensive experience in the IT sector, working on infrastructure as a single user or in an office of being responsible for all Norther American IT operations at Canada’s largest ABM company.

Jim is all about people connecting with people in so many ways. He is here to help achieve business or organization goals and by crafting long lasting IT solutions centered on industry best practices. Jim ensures we are all connected in the best possible way.

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